QUB Wireless Settings

QUB_SEC QUB Wireless settings The WiFi settings for qub_sec for Android and Linux devices: The certificate is available here and should be downloaded in advance and entered into the field labelled CA Certificate. SSID (wireless network name) =      ... » More

Customising XBMC

XBMC Quick Links Here are my tips for customizing XBMC, most of the changes to the settings are done so under System > System Settings > Skin > Settings Install the Fusion XBMCHub Repository From the Fusion Repository install the XbmcHub Wizard... » More

Mass delete bbpress spam posts

HeidiSQL Wordpress wp_posts Having neglected a wordpress/bbpress installation for a bit I had the problem of dumping tens of thousands of spam and trash and pending items from bbpress. I took a look at the database: To get things done more quickly than using the web... » More

Reset ntopng admin password

I had a comment on my recent Ntopng article from a user who needed to reset the admin password on ntopng. Ntopng uses redis as a backend data store. So first check that the redis server is actually running: You should get output similar... » More

Acer Aspire Reboots on Ubuntu Shutdown

I had a problem using Ubuntu and an Acer Aspire V5-571G. Every time I opted to shutdown, the laptop would reboot again after a few seconds. I found this article with the answer for Fedora and to make it work on Ubuntu I chose to replace the shutdown... » More

Munin Bootstrap Template: Munstrap

Alternative Munin Template So after playing around with an alternative template from Munin 1.x I took some time to amend the standard Munin templates using Twitter Bootstrap as a base. The Munstrap files are available from GitHub. The files on GitHub include bootstrap (version... » More

ntopng on CentOS 6

ntopng Ensure you have the EPEL repository installed first then do the following to add a repository for ntopng: Add the following (the deri bit at the end below is not cut off - it works): Install ntopng and dependencies: Set the services to auto... » More

Installing Munin 2.x on Centos 6

Ensure you have the epel repository installed then: The configuration file for Apache is located at: Create the username/password file referred to in the above file: Restart the munin-node service and ensure it starts on boot: Restart the... » More

Move Minimize, Maximize and Close Buttons Ubuntu

Ubuntu Window Controls On Ubuntu 13.10 the following terminal commands help to configure the window control buttons and a few other things: Move the Window Controls to the Right Move the Window Controls to the Left While I was at it I also made a few other... » More