Building Likwid RPMs for CentOS

centos logo Installing likwid is easy (using ./configure, make, make install) however I wanted to create an RPM package to allow for repeatable builds and installation across a number of nodes/machines. With the 'Development Tools' package installed I started... » More

Local Ubuntu Repository

I wanted to set up a local repository for DEB packages I create to be installed among a number of cluster nodes. After building the deb package I added it to my home folder as follows and created the Packages.gz file: apt-get install dpkg-dev mkdir -p... » More

Nginx Reverse Proxy

centos logo Using CentOS 6 I installed Nginx with: yum install nginx and amended the config file for the default website i.e. vi /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf With the following content: upstream backend_st { server; } server { listen... » More

Fido U2F Security Key

FIDO U2F Key Opening So I ordered a FIDO U2F Security Key from a French company 'Plug-Up' to have a little play.  It is used in 2-factor authentication so when logging in to a service you first enter your username and password and if correct your are prompted for your... » More

Environment Modules

Environment Modules allow for management of environment variables  when using multiple compilers, multiple libraries, or even versions of applications that you might need to run. Rather than change $PATH, $LD_LIBRARY_LOAD, or $MANPATH for each you can... » More