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Backupify Cloud Backups

As an extra precaution to protect data in the cloud I set up a free Backupify account which can be configured to make daily/weekly backups of Blogs, Gmail, Google Docs etc.  After making backups the individual files/emails can be browsed and downloaded. I imagine that the restore process will only get better. I would at… Read more »

Shell Script: Search Apache Logs

This shell script is for future reference. Used to copy zip apache log files into a temporary directory by day/month. Log files are unzipped and then searched for the strings we are looking for. It could be tidied up! #!/bin/bashPATHTOLOGS=/mypath/to/logs/wwwWORKINGDIR=/tmplogsYEAR=2009MONTHS=(2009-01 2009-02 2009-03 2009-04 2009-05 2009-06 2009-07 2009-08 2009-09)for MONTH in ${MONTHS[@]}dofor LOGFILE in $(ls $PATHTOLOGS/$YEAR/$MONTH-??.access_log.gz)… Read more »

Plesk SSL Certificates from Comodo

Trying a free SSL cert from Comodo and had some difficulties with an error message: The CA certificate does not sign the certificate So downloaded the following CA bundle: used that instead of the one supplied in the email and the certificate was accepted.The install instructions here explain the process for Plesk. If using a… Read more »

phpBB3 Lost Administrator Password

If the password for the admin user has been forgotten/lost/whatever.Register on the site as a new user but BEFORE logging in edit the MySQL database table phpbb_users and set the field user_type to 3 (i.e. founder).Then log in and visit the ACP.From the ACP normal user management can take place again.

Sony Ericsson W810i – Adding New Games

Mobile phone downloaded games should be placed into the following folder on the memory card:/MSSMEC/Media files/otherThen back in the phone from the main menu use the Media Album.Browse to the ‘other’ folder on the card select the .jar file and choose install.

Joomla 1.5 FTP settings

I was receiving the following error: The FTP settings are not valid or your FTP server is not compatible with Joomla!: The function "MKD" failed and stupidly blamed mod_security for the problem (rule 900610 did cause problems so I disabled it -see below), until I tried command line FTP and realised that I couldn't create… Read more »

Apache Troubleshooting

Occasionally some requests to web servers cause memory/cpu problems – for the wrong reasons and sometimes the right reasons. I recently had a problem with a Google Search Appliance crawling a Drupal calendar but in hindsight it was probably my own fault as I had been playing with some of the settings below.Which URLs are… Read more »

mod_spamhaus on CentOS 5

Trying this module out on Centos 5 and Apache 2 to see how it goes (Debian install how-to here) yum install httpd-devel (if ‘which apxs’ shows nothing) wget ln -s /usr/sbin/apxs /usr/sbin/apxs2 tar zxf mod_spamhaus*.tar.gz cd mod_spamhaus make make install touch /etc/httpd/mod_spamhaus.wl LoadModule spamhaus_module /usr/lib/httpd/modules/mod_spamhaus.sowas automatically added to httpd.conf vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf {IfModule mod_spamhaus.c}MS_METHODS POST,PUT,OPTIONS,CONNECTMS_WhiteList… Read more »

Powershell Scheduled Task

To run a powershell script from a scheduled task the following can be used: C:\WINDOWS\system32\windowspowershell\v1.0\powershell.exe “& ‘c:\scripts\Send-ExchangeServerSummary.ps1′”