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Google Takeout

Google Take away

My Google Drive (Google Docs) was a mess with outdated documents and a poor folder structure so I decided to start afresh by deleting everything and building a tidier folder structure. Deleting everything presents a little problem and in steps Google Takeout – part of the Google Data Liberation Front. Google actually make it easy… Read more »

Building RPMs for Squid, SquidGuard

Squid Get a few dependencies to get the ball rolling: yum -y groupinstall “Development Tools” yum -y install rpm-build openjade linuxdoc-tools openldap-devel pam-devel openssl-devel httpd rpm-devel expat-devel db4-devel libpcap-devel Browse and find the latest Source RPM for your architecture, then install the sprm e.g. wget rpm -ivh squid*.src.rpm This does not actually install… Read more »

Ashtree Show Jumps Newry Ireland

Ashtree construct and supply quality affordable show jumps for beginner to advanced levels. Our speciality is mobile easy-to-move cross-country fences built on a one-fits-all removable axle system. We supply jumps at complete height range with delivery nationwide. If you’re after something out of the ordinary talk to us about your requirements for a custom-build.

Send Faxes From Linux

PamFax offer a service for sending documents and scans to fax numbers worldwide. Paymeny by PayPal which is handy. Linux installers in Deb, Rpm and tarball.

Android Screenshots

Download the Android SDK: Add the Path to the SDK Tools: export PATH=${PATH}:<your_sdk_dir>/tools Run ddms: # ddms Connect your Android device by USB and choose the ‘Sync’ method of connection. Choose your Device from  the left menu Then from the ddms menu bar choose Device > Screen Capture

Backupify Cloud Backups

As an extra precaution to protect data in the cloud I set up a free Backupify account which can be configured to make daily/weekly backups of Blogs, Gmail, Google Docs etc.  After making backups the individual files/emails can be browsed and downloaded. I imagine that the restore process will only get better. I would at… Read more »

Shell Script: Search Apache Logs

This shell script is for future reference. Used to copy zip apache log files into a temporary directory by day/month. Log files are unzipped and then searched for the strings we are looking for. It could be tidied up! #!/bin/bashPATHTOLOGS=/mypath/to/logs/wwwWORKINGDIR=/tmplogsYEAR=2009MONTHS=(2009-01 2009-02 2009-03 2009-04 2009-05 2009-06 2009-07 2009-08 2009-09)for MONTH in ${MONTHS[@]}dofor LOGFILE in $(ls $PATHTOLOGS/$YEAR/$MONTH-??.access_log.gz)… Read more »