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Transparent Background in Flash Movies

Editing HTML code manually To edit an existing HTML page, add the WMODE parameters to the HTML code. 1. Add the following parameter to the OBJECT tag: param name=”wmode” value=”transparent” 2. Add the following parameter to the EMBED tag: wmode=”transparent”

Kubuntu Gateway Bug

There seems to be a bug in kubuntu (Breezy 5.10) in holding the Gateway address in the Network Settings. When typing ftp or telnet at the command line I got an error messgae of: Network unreachableI was still able to browse the web using Firefox etc but I was unable to use FTP or Krdc… Read more »

Convert RPM to Debian deb package

You can convert .rpm packages to .deb using alien. If you dont have alien installed already then type this in Terminal: apt-get install alien Once you have alien, cd to the directory with the rpm file and type: alien -d .rpm and u will have a .deb package ready to be installed in your directory.

How to be the Root user on Kubuntu

I needed to be root in order to install crossover office shell script. Using sudo would not work. To sort this out I opened a console and:sudo passwd I entered the password I wanted for the root user and then entered the following which allowed me to log in as the root user:su – For… Read more »

Kubuntu Install Issues

Successfully installed Kubuntu 5.10 Breezy and found the following useful:Automatix is good (installs propriety/software patent restricted stuff which cannot be included with Kubuntu/Ubuntu). The following links are useful:– I tried the instructions at the following address but got dependency issues: – To solve the dependency issues I had to:Get an updated sources.list for apt for… Read more »

Kubuntu Install Problem

I tried to install Kubuntu onto an old machine that had Windows XP on it. I had previously put a newer bigger hard drive into this machine.When I installed Kubuntu everything went fine until it rebooted and I got a Grub error 18. I discovered that old BIOSs have difficulty booting larger disks so I… Read more »

Wanadoo Livebox and Linux

I’ve wanted a wireless router for some time although never bothered my ass but I got my Wanadoo Livebox today. I have been frustrated for some time with the Speedtouch 330 and although I got it working on Suse 9.2 and 9.3 there were still some services I could not use with the SPeedtouch (e.g…. Read more »

Helpful Linux Commands

TAR RPMrpm -Uvh packagename.rpm APT on SUSEapt –no-checksig install softwarename APT on Ubunut sudo apt-get install softwarename GETTING THE IP ADDRESSsu (to be root)ifconfig


To Install Apt4RPM Choose your architecture/version from this directory: then navigate to the RPMS.suser-rbos directory. To install Apt for SUSE download the following packages:aptapt-libs Install with:rpm -Uvh *.rpm –nodeps Upddate the Sources List: /etc/apt/sources.listor use this one (substituting the suse version number e.g. 9.2 with 9.3.) Next: apt-get update To install software by apt use:apt… Read more »