check_mk: Add Custom Notes to Services

The scenario here is that I would like to add a ‘custom notes’ link to any services with the word ‘postfix’ in the name of the service. I started by visiting WATO and drilling down to a host and one of the services I was interested in adding notes to:

Then scroll down and click on ‘Notes URL for Services’

Then click the green button for ‘Create Service specific rule for:’

On the ‘New rule’ page that opens add a description, comment and URL to the page with troubleshooting notes.

The rule conditions will display a very narrow rule for the particular service on that particular host so I want to widen that to this service to all hosts. So untick the ‘Explicit hosts’ checkbox and change the ‘Services’ parameter from the specific default one to ‘Postfix*’ so that it will apply to all services that begin with the word ‘Postfix’:

Saving and activating the change shows my notes icon:

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