CyanogenMod on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

I wanted to breath a little new life into a Galaxy Tab 2 (model P3110) that was about 18 months old, so dusting it off I followed the instructions on the CyanogenMod wiki. Roughly the steps were as follows:

  • I downloaded and installed the Heimdall tool to my desktop computer
  • I downloaded the Clockwork Mod recovery Image to be installed to the tablet via Heimdall
  • Powered on the tablet holding the power+volume down button
  • Inserted the USB cable from the computer to the tablet
  • Send the recovery image to the tablet using Heimdall (change recovery.img to the name of the file downloaded):
    heimdall flash --RECOVERY recovery.img --no-reboot
  • When the recovery image has be sent to the tablet remove the USB cable
  • Hold down the power+volume up buttons to reboot the tablet
  • At this point I could use the recovery image to make backups and to send CyanogenMod to the tablet
  • First download CyanogenMod. I opted for version 10.1.3 as attempting version 11 gave me problems with set_metadata_recursive
  • At this point it is also worth download the Google Apps (for Play Store) for the version of Cyanogen you will be using.
  • Within the recovery image I chose ‘mounts and storage‘ and then mounted /sdcard
  • From my desktop computer I ran the adb command as follows to first send the Cyanogen zip file and then the Gapps zip file (see image below):
    adb push /sdcard/
  • Finally from the recovery image menu choose reboot system now

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