Extracting font information from PDF files

Today I was sent a PDF file leaflet with info to add to McIvor Farrell Belfast Solicitors website and I wanted to know the fonts used by the graphic designer. I first tried Online Font Converter and that did tell me one of the fonts used.  Online Font Converter  required me uploading the PDF file to the site,  choosing a conversion format (I chose eot) and after conversion I had to download a zip file containing the eot file. The eot file was named after the font, so in a roundabout way I was able to identify just one of the fonts used in the PDF file.

After trying Online Font Converter I tried opening the PDF directly with LibreOffice. I actually attempted to open it using Writer but LibreOffice switched to Draw and displayed the file. Clicking on the text in Draw showed the font name in the Toolbar. The font name was displayed in Italics if the font was not available on my system e.g. the image below shows the font as GaramondBook and since I don’t have the GaramondBook font on my system Draw shows the font name italicised.

Font Info From PDF

LibreOffice is free of cost and libre/open software, so it offers a pretty accessible and affordable method of identifying the fonts used in PDF files.

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