HaiPai i9389 MTK6589 Android Phone


I am adding an update to this original post as there have been some developments. I bought two of these phones (one for me and one for my sister-in-law) and we have had nothing but difficulty since. The phones regularly seize up and require removing the battery to get them going again. I sent video examples to the seller:


The phone is also much less responsive than my previous older and less powerful phone. But the biggest issue is how the phone reports the size of the ‘Internal Storage’. The phone was advertised and sold as having: 4GB ROM (see the original advert below). Within Android the storage is reported as below:

phonereporting_internalstorage phonereporting_phonestorage
Internal Storage approx 7.8GB (with only 107MB free space)
Phone Storage approx 1.7GB (with 1.5GB free space)

It was the lack of internal storage that raised my suspicions and I was unable to install apps or update my existing apps – and I am not a heavy user having roughly 600MB of apps installed. See below that the phone was reporting 7.7GB of (Internal Storage) use when I had only installed roughly 600MB of apps:

phoneappsreporting_phonestorage phoneappsreporting_internalstorage phonereporting_ram


So I installed the apps DiskUsage and Device Storage Analyzer which provide a much different view of the ‘Internal Storage’ size. The Phone Storage is reported the same as above but the Internal Storage details are shown as roughly 780MB – which actually tallies quite well with the Apps+Cached+Available the phone was reporting.

diskusage_internalstorage diskanalyzer_internalstorage


Conclusion: I can only conclude that the operating system has been tampered with to report more storage than it actually has. This leaves me very concerned about the security of my personal details on a phone that may have been tampered with by the supplier. The supplier has asked me to return the phones so they can be fixed – although I am expected to pay for the return postage and to suffer the inconvenience. I have now contacted AliExpress so that I may return the phones for a refund. I will place the updates here.

Temp Shen AliExpress


Just for the record (and for reference) I received my new HaiPai i9389 MTK6589 Quad Core phone today bought from this page on AliExpress (seller Xinsheng Trading CO.,LTD Store No.506677) for roughly £89 and it arrived in under 2 weeks. My friend ordered one at the same time and over a month later it still hasn’t arrived.

Android Home Screen

Just in case the advert page is archived at any point I have some of the advert info here:

AliExpress s3 aNDROID pHONE AliExpress s3 aNDROID pHONE


I made some screenshots of the Antutu Benchmark I did on it before installing any other apps:

It came with the standard extra battery, a flip case cover, screen protector and stylus. Pretty happy with it thus far but if anything changes I will post it here.

haipai i9389 MTK6589 android phone


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