Using Sed to convert Mac Address

I have output from a router (but I believe modem output may be similar) with mac addresses in the format:


Four digit blocks separated by dots but I needed it in the format of 2 digit blocks separated by colons. My router output was lines like this:

INTERNET   8      0050.56AC.1765  ARPA  VLAN.1.16

And I wanted:

INTERNET   8      00:50:56:AC:17:65  ARPA  VLAN.1.16

And I achieved it with the following:

cat | grep “….\…..\…..” | tr “[:lower:]” “[:upper:]” | sed ‘s/^\(.*\)\([0-9A-F]\{2\}\)\([0-9A-F]\{2\}\)\.\([0-9A-F]\{2\}\)\([0-9A-F]\{2\}\)\.\([0-9A-F]\{2\}\)\([0-9A-F]\{2\}\)\(.*\)$/\1 \2:\3:\4:\5:\6:\7 \8/’

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