Exchange 2007 Receive Connector SCL Headers

Our Mailhubs set the following Mail header which is interpreted by MS Outlook when filtering messages to the JunkMail folder:


A score is assigned to this header based on analysis by SpamAssassin so this header will have the same value as X-Spam-Score.

The default behavior for Exchange 2007 is to remove any pre-existing X-MS-Exchange headers as they enter (in case they have been set by the spammers themselves). We need to override this "Header Firewall" within an Exchange ReceiveConnector, as this header will actually be set on our Mailhubs.
To view the list of Receive Connectors:


To view the properties of a particular ReceiveConnector on a particular machine:

Get-ReceiveConnector -identity "MACHINE\Name Of Receive Connector" | list

The output of this command shows the PermissionGroups for the connector. Amending the rights for this permission group as shown below should stop the automatic header firewall.

To add this property:

Add-ADPermsission "MACHINE\Allow SCL headers from Mailhubs" –user "NT AUTHORITY\AnonymousUsers" –extendedrights "MS-Exch-Accept-Headers-Organisation"

To remove this property:

Remove-ADPermsission "MACHINE\Allow SCL headers from Mailhubs" –user "NT AUTHORITY\AnonymousUsers" –extendedrights "MS-Exch-Accept-Headers-Organisation"

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