Aptana for Linux Web Development

Aptana is an Eclipse plug-in/perspective aimed at web development including support for Ajax and PHP. With Eclipsed installed, Aptana can be added by:

  • Open Eclipse
  • Choose Help > Software Updates > Find and Install…
  • In the dialog enter 'Aptana' as the name
  • URL is http://update.aptana.com/update/3.2/
  • Install
  • After installation restart Eclipse and choose Window > Open Perspective > Other > Aptana

The main thing I like about Aptana is the ability to manage projects with uploading/downloading and synchronisation by FTP.

  • Window > Show View > Sync Manager
  • Add an FTP site from within the File panel
  • In the Project panel create a new project of type Aptana Web Project
  • In the Sync Manager panel create a new Sync connection
  • In the dialog choose Local – Project and the project you created above
  • For the remote option choose the ftp site you created above
  • With these 3 parts of the project defined you should now be able to upload and download files to and from the FTP site using the yellow arrows in the Project view.
  • PHP support can be added from the Welcome Screen.

dreamweaver alternative for linux

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