Picasa Web Albums on Linux

PICASA 2.5 web-album

Im using Ubuntu Edgy on i386 and this is what I did to get it working:

1. I installed Picasa as usual (v2.2 for linux)
2. I started it up and scanned some folder containing photos
3. Shut down picasa AND the media detector
4. Instlled wine (apt-get install wine)
5. Downloaded picasa 2.5 for windows (wget
6. Installed it using wine (wine picasaweb-current-setup.exe)
7. When asked if I want to run Picasa, I did so, then I shut down
picasa AND the media detector (if running)
7. Moved the old picasa installation (as root):
cd /opt/picasa/wine/drive_c/Program Files
mv Picasa2 Picasa22
8. While in the same dir i copied the new installed Picasa 2.5:
cp -R home/USERNAME/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Picasa2/ .
8. Then it just worked… Good luck!
I had big troubles getting the start up logo disappearing, this is why
some steps are kind of awkward.

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    • jonny

      Richard, it has been a long time since I have used Picasa. I mainly used it for uploading to web albums so once Google introduced uploading via the web I didn’t need Picasa anymore. If you are looking for an image editor to improve photos I personally use Gimp. The auto-levels and curves tools do it for me!


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