Linux Software

Video Editing

Audio Editing

Voice Recognition




  • aMule
  • Azureus (BitTorrent)


  • Krita
  • Gimpshop
  • PSP7 – via Crossover Office
  • Pixel (costs)
  • Photo Management – Picassa, LPhoto
  • KIM
  • Paint.NET with Mono??
  • Hugin – for panorama stitching
  • GMIC – googles image viewer web applet like Google Maps
  • SVGpage – convert bitmap to SVG


Project Management

Web Development

  • MySQL Management – HeidiSQL via Wine,MyJSQLView, Aqua Data Studio, navicat (costs)
  • puTTy via apt
  • Kate
  • Aptana ***
  • Eclipse via apt
  • kmysqladmin (I have not got this running yet)

PDF Editing

KDE Improvements / Desktop

  • Konquorer Meta Bar
  • KCHM chm viewer via klik or deb file
  • Kicker via apt (Media Control, Colour Picker)
  • Alien (apt)
  • Checkinstall (apt)
  • Kdf (for disk free space)
  • Super karamba


  • Reload SCORM Editor
  • eXe
  • WINK

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