Wanadoo Livebox and Linux

I’ve wanted a wireless router for some time although never bothered my ass but I got my Wanadoo Livebox today. I have been frustrated for some time with the Speedtouch 330 and although I got it working on Suse 9.2 and 9.3 there were still some services I could not use with the SPeedtouch (e.g. torrent) so I was hoping for something a bit better from the livebox router.

Wanadoo supply installation CDs for Windows only so I opted to boot into Windows in case the router needed configuration first but I don’t think I needed to. Incidentally I used the wired ethernet connection from my computer to the livebox – I want the usb dongle for my daughters computer (currently running windows but she is begging me to install linux so getting the Wireless to work in linux is my next job – hope it is just as easy but I think I need a driver for it).
When I got it working in Windoze I immediately re-booted back into Suse 9.3 and everything worked without any intervention at all – it was actually much easier than getting it working on Windows as I didn’t have to do anything at all. I am now happy and using all the network services I need – bye bye Speedtouch! but thanks to the community who helped with the speedtouch configuration and software.

If I was doing it again and installing the livebox from Linux only (without Windows first) I would plug everything in and let it run its course (assuming DHCP is set in Linux). The settings for the router are: IP Address: Subnet:

The computers etc take their range from – 200

To administer the Livebox (once plugged in to your computer) go to and log in with admin and admin

The livebox is capable of accepting 2 wired ethernet connections and 6 wireless connections and although there is only one USB adapter supplied they say a normal laptop etc with another adaptor can be used to connect to the livebox (I have not got this working yet.)

Useful Links:

I think I need to set up Samba next!

Don’t be afraid to use Linux and the Livebox – it is the answer I have been waiting for.

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