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Fido U2F Security Key

FIDO U2F Key Opening

So I ordered a FIDO U2F Security Key from a French company ‘Plug-Up’ to have a little play. ┬áIt is used in 2-factor authentication so when logging in to a service you first enter your username and password and if correct your are prompted for your second factor (a code sent by SMS or a… Read more »

OpenVAS Vulnerability Scanner

Installing on CentOS 6.2: Configure Atomicorp Repository (as user root, only once) wget -q -O – |sh Quick-Install OpenVAS (as user root, only once) yum install openvas openvas-setup Openvas-setup takes some time to run and downloads rules and prompts for an admin user and password etc. Openvas Setup, Version: 0.3 Step 1: Update NVT’s… Read more »