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K3B Buring CDs with MP3s

Creating an Audio CD in K3B (my favourite CD burning software) I received an error that MP3 format was not supported and that the files need to be converted to WAV format first. Problems while adding files to the project. Unable to handle the following files due to an unsupported format:You may manually convert these… Read more »

Rsyslog and Log Analyzer

These are the steps I took to create a centralised location of system logs. In this scenario multiple servers (earth, venus, mars) send their system logs to a central server (sun I’m not going to cover the configuration of Apache, MySql except were it applies to Log Analyzer. Most of the servers are running… Read more »

FFmpeg Command-line Video Conversion

Video files can be converted using GUI tools such as Handbrake, Arista, WinFF but if you don’t mind the command line – or if you want to automate video file conversion then the following examples might help:Convert to FLV ffmpeg -i video.avi video.flv ffmpeg -i video.avi -ar 22050 -ab 32 -f flv -s 320×240 video.flv… Read more »

SNMP with Nagios

I thought I would jot down a few notes about today’s adventures with SNMP. Specifically using SNMP with Nagios mostly on Red Hat/CentOS. I have an appliance from a third-party from which I would like to monitor and graph performance. So view this as a beginner howto for future reference. There is good info here… Read more »


1084 days on this internal monitoring machine. Unfortunately I had to take the machine down as I was replacing it.

Linux Find Not Owner

In Linux to find files not owned by user using the ‘find’ command we negate with the exclamation mark so rather than: find . -user jonny we use: find . ! -user jonny Where: find <dir> ! -user <username>

Clamd and Iptables

Running Clam on a separate machine to our Mail Transfer Agent we needed to configure iptables to allow access to clam from those machines. Clamd listens for connections on port 3310 by default but appears to hand off to other ‘passive’ ports for each stream to scan. So allowing access to port 3310 was not… Read more »

Dansguardian Randomise Rules

If you plan to use or Shalla rules in Dansguardian you may suffer from very slow (or impossible) restarts of the daemon. Dansguardian prefers the rules randomized rather than in alphabetical order. I couldn’t find the randomize lines package in the repos so compiled it first e.g.: wget xzf rl-0.2.7.tar.gzcd rl-0.2.7./configuremakemake install Then… Read more »