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Recording an Android Screencast on Linux


I wanted to make a short video recording activity on an Android device while on a Linux Mint desktop. To do so I did the following: Install Java if you do not already have it installed. Install the Android debugger (if not already installed): sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb Check that your Android device allows USB… Read more »

CyanogenMod on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

cyanogenmod clockwork recovery image

I wanted to breath a little new life into a Galaxy Tab 2 (model P3110) that was about 18 months old, so dusting it off I followed the instructions on the CyanogenMod wiki. Roughly the steps were as follows: I downloaded and installed the Heimdall tool to my desktop computer I downloaded the Clockwork Mod… Read more »

Getting Started PhoneGap/Cordova on Linux

I was following the guide How to Install PhoneGap in Ubuntu  and I am regurgitating that advice here with my own changes: Install PhoneGap and Pre-requisites sudo apt-get install default-jre default-jdk ant sudo apt-get install npm sudo npm update npm -g sudo npm install n -g sudo n stable sudo npm install -g phonegap   Download… Read more »

QUB Wireless Settings

QUB_SEC QUB Wireless settings

The WiFi settings for qub_sec for Android and Linux devices: The certificate is available here and should be downloaded in advance and entered into the field labelled CA Certificate. SSID (wireless network name) =       qub_sec Authentication                           =        EAP-TTLS (PAP) Encryption / Association               =        WPA enterprise  (TKIP) For more info see… Read more »

HaiPai i9389 MTK6589 Android Phone

Android Home Screen

WARNING: I AM NOT RECOMMENDING THIS PHONE, THE SELLER OR ALIEXPRESS I am adding an update to this original post as there have been some developments. I bought two of these phones (one for me and one for my sister-in-law) and we have had nothing but difficulty since. The phones regularly seize up and require… Read more »

Android Emulator: Getting Started

Android Emulator

Like a virtual machine for running a version of Android,  the Android emulator is useful for testing. I used it to check how websites looked under Android. After installing the Android SDK run the ./android binary in the ‘tools’ directory and install some versions of Android. Then from the menu bar choose Tools > Manage… Read more »

Unbranded Android Phones

I noticed some unbranded Android phones on eBay and I have bought two so far. The first one was a 4.3″ Android 4.0 with the MTK6575 processor, and the second was a 4.6″ Android 4.0 with the dual core MTK6577 processor. I tested the devices using Antutu Benchmark and the scores are shown in the… Read more »

Android Tablet: Superpad 8

I purchased an Android Tablet on eBay named the ‘Superpad 8’ or ‘Flytouch 8’ so I thought I would post a few thoughts about it for others. A quick search for ‘Superpad 8’ on eBay or Amazon should get you started. Inevitably any device like this will be compared to an iPad but at £120… Read more »

Android Screenshots on Ubuntu

So I wanted to create screenshots of my HTC Hero Android phone from my Ubuntu desktop. So I … downloaded and extracted the android sdk to e.g. ~/programs cd into the ./tools directory run the ./android program Install any version specific stuff required sudo vi /etc/udev/rules.d/90-android.rules sudo service udev restart Unplug the phone and plug… Read more »

HTC Hero Speed Symbols

Connection speed symbols on my HTC Hero. There are 4 symbols (shown below in order of speed) displayed in the top bar when using mobile network: G    GPRS ~ 56 kbit/s (171 kbit/s theoretical max)E    EDGE ~ 240 kbit/s (473 kbit/s theoretical max)3G  3G ~ 348kbit/s to 2Mbit/s H    HSPA ~ 3.6-7.2 Mbit/s with current… Read more »