Configure Java Security Settings on Linux

I received the following error message when trying to run a Java JNLP file:Application Blocked by Security Settings

Application Blocked by Security Settings

Your security settings have blocked a self-signed application from running

Assuming I trust the program I found I could get it to run by amending the Java Security Policy:

Amending the Java Security Policy

The first step is to find and run the Java Control Panel. This binary should be in your Java bin directory.

For me it was located at:


However, you should be able to track down the location of your version of Java by typing the following into a terminal:

ls -l /etc/alternatives/java

After running the Control Panel choose the ‘Security’ tab and set the ‘Security Level’ to ‘Medium’ (don’t forget to set it back to high when you are finished.)

Java Control Panel

Now when I try to run my JNLP file I get a warning but I can accept and ‘Run’ the application:

Java Security Warning




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