MySQL Collation and Character Set

Importing databases from MySQL 3.2 to MySQL 5 – When I create a
database using Plesk it creates it as utf8 (Character Set) and
utf8_general_ci(Collation) but when I create a database using
PhpMyAdmin the database is created as latin1 (Character Set) and
latin1_swedish_ci(Collation). The trouble comes when I import sql files
into the utf8 database. I get an error "Specified key was too long; max
key length is 1000 bytes" especially when importing the SQL of a Joomla installation.
I am able to solve this by converting the utf8_general_ci to latin1_swedish_ci and then doing the import again.

ALTER DATABASE `myDB` CHARACTER SET latin1 COLLATE latin1_swedish_ci;

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