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Kubuntu Install Issues

Successfully installed Kubuntu 5.10 Breezy and found the following useful:Automatix is good (installs propriety/software patent restricted stuff which cannot be included with Kubuntu/Ubuntu). The following links are useful:– I tried the instructions at the following address but got dependency issues: – To solve the dependency issues I had to:Get an updated sources.list for apt for… Read more »

Kubuntu Install Problem

I tried to install Kubuntu onto an old machine that had Windows XP on it. I had previously put a newer bigger hard drive into this machine.When I installed Kubuntu everything went fine until it rebooted and I got a Grub error 18. I discovered that old BIOSs have difficulty booting larger disks so I… Read more »

Wanadoo Livebox and Linux

I’ve wanted a wireless router for some time although never bothered my ass but I got my Wanadoo Livebox today. I have been frustrated for some time with the Speedtouch 330 and although I got it working on Suse 9.2 and 9.3 there were still some services I could not use with the SPeedtouch (e.g…. Read more »

Helpful Linux Commands

TAR RPMrpm -Uvh packagename.rpm APT on SUSEapt –no-checksig install softwarename APT on Ubunut sudo apt-get install softwarename GETTING THE IP ADDRESSsu (to be root)ifconfig


To Install Apt4RPM Choose your architecture/version from this directory: then navigate to the RPMS.suser-rbos directory. To install Apt for SUSE download the following packages:aptapt-libs Install with:rpm -Uvh *.rpm –nodeps Upddate the Sources List: /etc/apt/sources.listor use this one (substituting the suse version number e.g. 9.2 with 9.3.) Next: apt-get update To install software by apt use:apt… Read more »