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Set NTP Server on Windows Domain Controller

On the Windows Domain Controller I checked the current NTP settings with: w32tm /query /configuration   I tried a few alternative commands and got errors such as “the rpc server is unavailable”. The command that worked was: w32tm /config / /syncfromflags:manual /reliable:yes /update After issuing that command I could see the ntp server listed when… Read more »

Mass delete bbpress spam posts

HeidiSQL Wordpress wp_posts

Having neglected a wordpress/bbpress installation for a bit I had the problem of dumping tens of thousands of spam and trash and pending items from bbpress. I took a look at the database: To get things done more quickly than using the web browser I deleted the items as follows. I created a php script… Read more »

WordPress Bulk Actions with WP-CLI

I manage a WordPress Multi-user environment and needed to bulk add LDAP users (which is already quite easy) and also to bulk create blogs for users – which I couldn’t find an easy method for. I started exploring how I could script the creation of this when I happened upon WP-CLI. yum install git Then… Read more »

Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

wordpress Remote

I wanted a quick and cheap method to check multiple WordPress websites to see when they might need updated. I checked one or two solutions and then came across WP Remote Within minutes I had 9 sites defined including the FTP details to make updating the sites much easier. Each WordPress site must have the… Read more »

WooThemes Artificer Home Button

The Artificer theme from WooThemes by default adds a home icon to the main navigation menu. To remove the icon edit the file: ./includes/theme-functions.php Find the new_nav_menu_items function and comment out the lines that add the home icon button as follows: function new_nav_menu_items($items, $args) { $homelink = ”; if( $args->theme_location == ‘primary-menu’ ) //$homelink =… Read more »

WordPress Galleries

The quick way to add Galleries to WordPress is illustrated below: First create a new Page (with the Gallery page as a parent if necessary) Click the Upload/Insert icon above the WYSIWYG editor Click the ‘Select Files’ button and locate the images on your computer Once the images have uploaded you may click the ‘Show’… Read more »