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MySQL: Give a User Grant Permissions

I needed to create a new MySQL user that would be able to create new users itself and grant permissions to the accounts that it creates. To do so I used the following:


Linux Mint 64-bit and Steam

I had the following error message on Linux Mint when trying to play a new game:

Solved by installing the 32-bit libtxc as follows:


Linux GPS Logging Data

I took part in a swim this weekend – The Battle of Carlingford Lough. My friend Cormac gave his Panasonic Lumix camera to Mary in the kayak and set the camera to log GPS data. He sent me the GPS log file and I opened the log file with BT747 – a Java application that… Read more »

1and1 Overcharging for Backups

So back in November 2013 1and 1 contacted me to tell me they would be physically moving my server from one data centre to another: In the email on the 3rd November they advised signing up for 1and1 Professional Backup. They advised that the backup service would be free for two months and would automatically… Read more »

Browsing the GitLab Omnibus Postgres Database


After installing GitLab Omnibus edition I wanted to take a look at the database tables. To do so I installed phpPgAdmin (available in the EPEL repo):

I created a user in Postgres for use with phpPgAdmin:

If you have problems running the psql command you may want to specify the the unix socket… Read more »

Restricting SSH Logins to LDAP Group

The are multiple methods of doing this including using pam but I settled for the following: In the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file I currently have:

to check for ssh keys for the user logging in and I also have password authentication disallowed. The content of the file /usr/libexec/openssh/ssh-ldap-wrapper was simply:

I amended it to:

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Installing Darkstat on CentOS 6


The darkstat software is available in the rpmforge repository so you will need to install RPMforge first:

Then install Darkstat with:

My scenario was to use darkstat to monitor traffic on a local 192.168.161.* network so I used the following command:

With the command above darkstat will display graphs at I… Read more » Execute Commands on User Login

In addition to the normal I wanted to create a directory for each user on an alternative disk. To do so I edited:

added the line below (just above the line: session optional

Then created the file:

and added the following:

It is also possible to add… Read more »